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November 2015
First Coop Linn Grove

Receive Your Dividends at the Annual Meeting

The financial results are in. We’ll be able to pay $4.4 million in dividends at First Cooperative Association’s (FCA) annual meetings in November. Read More

Jim Carlson
General Manager

Are You Going to Play Offense or Defense?
Coaches sometimes say the best defense is a good offense. I’m inclined to agree when it comes to your 2016 agronomy strategies.
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FCA Welcomes Japanese Visitors to Larrabee Feed Mill
We had a lot fun this fall hosting a group of Japanese visitors at our Larrabee location and feed mill on Sept. 16.
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Could Anything Drive Grain Prices Higher?
It’s no secret that farmers in our trade territory harvested record soybean and corn yields this fall. Beans were in the 60- to 70-bushel range.
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Keep Your Fuel Tanks Full
Just how tight are diesel and gasoline supplies in the Midwest? When the Milford Terminal received 18 loads of gasoline recently, 18 trucks were waiting in line for this delivery.
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Count on FCA for DEF Equipment
If you’ve updated your farm machinery in the last couple years, you’re probably using diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), especially if your equipment meets Tier 4 Final emission standards.
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How to Prevent Fuel Tank Problems This Winter
I know you hear this every year, but now is the time to get your fuel tank ready for winter and protect against the biggest threat—water.
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Stay Tuned for Upcoming Energy Meetings
The old adage that “fuel is fuel” or “oil is just oil” couldn’t be further from the truth, especially with all the technology that goes into every piece of farm equipment you own and operate.
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