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November 2014
First Coop Larrabee

Dividend Checks Are on the Way

While grain prices took all of us on a wild ride this past year, your cooperative completed another successful fiscal year. Read More

Jim Carlson
General Manager

Location Spotlight
Larrabee Location Modernizes for the Future
If you haven’t been by our Larrabee location lately, there have been a lot of changes this spring and summer.
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Just How Hungry Are Your Crops?
If crop prices have you thinking about cutting your fertilizer rates for 2015, think about your crop’s nutrient removal rate first.
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Join Us for Cow-Calf, Swine Meetings
Fluctuating grain prices have sparked a lot of interest in owning livestock to add value to grain.
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Surprises Abound This Fall
Yields have been highly variable this fall, but we were very pleased with the amount of soybeans we received, which was much higher than projected.
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Top Tips to Prepare Your Diesel Tank for Winter
Pop quiz—what’s the biggest enemy of diesel fuel in the winter?
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You’re Invited to Upcoming Fuel Meetings
The old adage that “fuel is fuel” and “oil is just oil” couldn’t be further from the truth.
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