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February 2016

We’re in This Together

When you’re going through a tough time, it’s important to know you’re not alone. I’m sure the farmers who started our cooperative more than 128 years ago could relate to how you feel about commodity prices today. Read More

Jim Carlson
General Manager

Is My Nitrogen Still There?
If you applied ammonia last fall, you’re probably wondering if it’s still there, especially with the excessive rain we got in December.
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Distractions Abound, Stay Focused
When you’re a livestock producer, distractions are plentiful (weather, markets, animal health, input costs, and more) and time is short. Now’s the time to take control.
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Don’t Be the Last to Sell
While the grain markets are in the doldrums, the big news is all of the farmer-owned grain in elevators and on the farm. That’s why I recommend you sell a portion of your grain each month.
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It’s Time to Hold Off
How much did you pay last time you filled your fuel tank? With crude oil prices at 12-year lows, it makes you wonder how much lower prices can go.
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