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August 2014
First Coop Larrabee

Revolving Past Dividends Back to You

Who wouldn’t like to receive a bonus check every now and then? It’s one of the perks of cooperative membership. Read More

Jim Carlson
General Manager

Location Spotlight
Galva Carries on 111-Year Tradition
In 1903, Theodore Roosevelt was president of the United States, Henry Ford organized the Ford Motor Company, and progressive farmers in northwest Iowa formed the Galva Union Elevator.
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The Truth About Cutting Inputs
Producing a high-yielding, profitable crop is no easy task, especially in today’s challenging economic environment. This is no time for knee-jerk reactions, though.
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Want to Add More Value to Your Operation?
Times have sure changed. Farmers have switched from selling grain and not raising livestock to wanting to feed their grain to add value to it.
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Dairy Beef Production Offers Opportunity
While traditional beef cattle are expensive right now, dairy beef calves can be purchased more economically, which means profit potential for you.
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Meet Mike Smith, FCA’s New Swine Feed Specialist
While he was a power forward on the Iowa State University (ISU) men’s basketball team, Mike Smith is just as comfortable on a livestock farm as he is on the basketball court.
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Got Storage?
It almost seems hard to believe, but $8.43 marked the high for September corn futures in August of 2012, while beans were bringing $17.78 a bushel.
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Holstein Offers Bulk DEF System
To serve you better, we’re expanding into the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) business by adding a bulk handling system at our Holstein location.
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Equipment Lubricant Lookup Available Soon
Using the right lubricants can take your farm equipment’s operation from good to great. We have a new tool from the Cenex® Lubricant Department that allows us to view the types of lubricants that are best suited for your equipment.
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Top 5 Reasons to Sign Up for FCA Text Messages
If there were an easy way to stay current on timely energy news that could potentially save you money, would you take advantage of it?
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Farm SPPC Exemption Becomes Law
Various ag groups have supported an exemption to the federal government’s Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) rule, a measure that President Obama signed into law in June.
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