Refined Fuels

Keeping engines protected in cold weather is a Priority!


Cenex® Premium Diesel Fuels Features & Benefits

Wax Crystal Modifiers*
Changes the size and shape of wax crystals, preventing them from bonding together.

  • Wax crystals stay small enough to flow through the fuel filter.
  • They create a porous wax cake on the fuel filter, allowing continued fuel flow until the engine heats up.

Benefits:  Significantly increased cold weather operability & reduced down time.

Dramatically lowers the point at which any water in the fuel system freezes.

Benefits:  Fewer moisture-related problems.

Wax Anti-Settling Agents*
Reduces settling of wax crystals in vehicle tanks and above ground storage tanks, which clog filters and other fuel system components.

Benefits:  Enhanced cold weather operability, reduced down time & reduced maintenance costs.

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*Winter fuel additives are in Cenex® Wintermaster®, Cenex Roadmaster XL® – Seasonally Enhanced, and Ruby Fieldmaster® – Seasonally Enhanced fuels only.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Refined Fuels