Personnel Profiles

Jeff Stone

Agronomist – Marathon



Meet Jeff Stone, Agronomy Sales Manager

Winter 2014

As our long-time agronomy manager Norm Lietz prepares to retire in early 2015, we’re pleased to welcome Jeff Stone to the Marathon area.  Jeff is well-versed in agronomy and will help ensure a seamless transition during this important time.

Jeff joined First Cooperative Association in November and has been getting acquainted with clients in the area.

Q:  What’s your ag background?

A:  I grew up in the Sioux Rapids/Rembrandt area.  My parents, Ken and Sue Stone, still live on a farm north of Linn Grove.  I earned my bachelor’s degree in ag business and management in 1987 from Northwest Missouri State University.  For me, pursuing an ag career was the next best thing to farming.  I have more than 20 years in agronomy sales in northwest Iowa.

Q:  What do you like about the cooperative system?

A:  I worked for private agronomy companies before coming to First Cooperative Association.  The cooperative system appeals to me, because it’s very customer-service oriented.  I also like being outside and working directly with growers.

Q:  What attracted you to First Cooperative Association?

A:  First Cooperative is focused on customer service.  It’s also a good, financially solid company that has a lot of experienced, long-time employees.  I’ve enjoyed working with Norm Lietz to get acquainted with more growers in the northeast region of First Cooperative’s trade territory.

Q:  What can customers expect from you?

A:  I want to be your business partner.  I’ll help you sift through the data to find the right solutions to maximize your yields and profit potential.  You can also expect the same good service that Norm provided.  I look forward to working with you and encourage you to contact me at 712-363-0108.

Editor’s note:  Jeff enjoys pheasant and deer hunting, fishing (including trips to South Dakota to catch walleyes), and watching NASCAR races, both on TV and in person at Talladega, Bristol, Chicago and California.  Jeff is also the proud owner of a black lab named Shadow.