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Meet Feed Intern Alyssa Scott


Alyssa Scott from Mapleton, Iowa will be a junior at Iowa State University

Q:  Tell a little bit of how you became interested and your experience in agriculture. 

A:  I grew up on a row crop and cow/calf farm where we raise show cattle. I love animal agriculture and have always liked being a part of the cattle operation at home so the feed and nutrition side is what drew me to First Coop. I am majoring in Animal Science at Iowa State and someday would like to get a job in the livestock industry. 

Q:  What have been some of your experiences and responsibilities with this internship?

A:  I spent most of my time with the feed salesmen but I also spent a few weeks learning about agronomy as well. I have learned a lot about the different feed products that First Coop sells as well as what each product is used for.

Q:  How would you describe your internship experience to another student? Why would you recommend this internship to another student?

A:  There was always something to do and always someone new to meet. The people at First Coop made me feel like a new employee rather than an intern and made me feel like I was a part of the company. I would recommend this internship because I met so many great people that I would have never met without this opportunity. 

Q:  What qualities does this internship require?

A:  Being an intern at First Coop requires you to be a hard worker and you can’t be afraid to get dirty or carry heavy things. You also have to be able to talk to just about anyone. My favorite part about this internship was meeting all the farmers and how each one of their operations is unique. 

Q:  Describe how your mentors or supervisor influenced your internship experience.

A:  The feed department is filled with great people and each one of them had something new to teach me. They were all willing to take time out of their busy work schedules to let me ride along with them and teach me about what they do. Going in to this internship I knew I was very interested in feed and nutrition and after spending the summer with them I still feel like the feed industry could be a place for me. 

Q:  What is your favorite memory from your internship?

A:  I enjoyed my summer working for First Coop. My favorite part was meeting the other interns. They are all great people and it is always fun meeting people that are like me and love the agriculture industry. It was also fun going to Sioux Falls for the Hubbard Beef Meetings with the feed department and the interns. 

Q:  What have you learned during this internship and how will this benefit you in your future?

A:  I learned how to make a feed ration for cattle, how to track feedlot cattle, and what products are needed when. I also learned a lot about the swine industry. I didn’t grow up around hogs so I didn’t know a whole lot about it.  But most importantly I learned how to talk to customers. I felt myself become better at speaking to new people in just the few short months I was here. I feel this will benefit me greatly when applying for my next internship and even my first job.