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Meet Agronomy Intern Dallas Schau


Dallas Schau from Sioux Rapids, IA is currently a senior at Iowa State University.

Q:  Tell us a little bit of how you became interested and your experience in agriculture. 

A:  I grew up helping my grandfather on the family farm near Sutherland, IA.  I got my love of animal science from this and my love of the rest of agriculture through Iowa State University and my internship with First Cooperative Association last summer.

Q:  What have been some of your experiences and responsibilities with this internship?

A:  My internship between the two summers has been a lot of work with Josie Fahrenkrog at the Marathon, IA location in the seed side of the Cooperative.  I have been treating beans, scouting fields, working with farmers and many other tasks.  My focus is selling corn and soybeans, but I love being in the fields and getting to see how our product is developing throughout the growing season.

Q:  How would you describe your internship experience to another student? Why would you recommend this internship to another student?

A:  I would describe this internship as exciting but tiring.  The Spring season can take alot out of you but once it’s over and you are able to watch the products develop, it makes it all worth it.  I recommend this internship because it’s flexible with how you want to focus on it and First Cooperative is kind enough to work with.

Q:  What qualities does this internship require?

A:  This internship requires you to want to learn.  My part of the internship requires me to work long hours at certain points but also good communication skills, being able to lift heavy objects as well as being able to run computer programs.

Q:  Describe how your mentors or supervisor influenced your internship experience.

A:  The first Summer I worked at First Cooperative I was still an animal science major.  After working with Josie I grew to love the crop side of agriculture more than I ever thought.  Now I am an ag studies major and have found a career path I love.

Q:  What is your favorite memory from your internship?

A:  I have many good memories from this internship but if I have to choose it would be our training days down in Huxley, IA.  Going to these trainings allows me to learn more about our products and give me many networking opportunities.

Q:  What have you learned during this internship and how will this benefit you in your future?

A:  I have learned many skills through this internship that will help me with classes this Fall, but also grown to appreciate agriculture more than I ever did from working at First Cooperative I have learned more information about our products and the process behind getting it all ready for the season.  Along with learning new information about crops, I have gained better social skills, which is a great thing to have in this line of work.