Agronomy Department Overview

FCA Provides Precision Agronomy Solutions

From seed traits to variable rates, technology is evolving quickly in agronomy today. You can count on the specialists at First Cooperative Association (FCA) to keep you two steps ahead so you can get the most from every acre you farm. We offer:

  • Precision ag services (including grid sampling and variable rate application).
  • Corn and soybean seed. We carry many hybrids from today’s leading companies. Check with your nearest FCA location for more details.


  • Crop inputs. We made sizeable investments in our dry fertilizer capabilities at The Hub in Aurelia, which allows us to provide crop inputs for customers throughout our trade territory.
  • Custom application services. In addition to applying anhydrous ammonia, fertilizer, chemicals, and ag lime, we can assist you with aerial applications of insecticides and fungicides. Be sure to also ask us about our strip tillage service too.
  • Crop scouting services. Our agronomists and certified crop advisors (CCAs) will work with you to protect your crop’s yield potential through the growing season.

FCA Supports Agriculture’s Clean Water Alliance

Not only do we help farmers maximize crop yields, but we are also focused on protecting the environment. FCA is proud to be a member of Agriculture’s Clean Water Alliance (ACWA), which includes ag retailers in west-central Iowa who are working to address water quality issues in the Raccoon River watershed. ACWA is committed to reducing nutrient loss—specifically nitrates from farm fields—and keep the nutrients from entering the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers and their tributaries.

We support the goal of finding balance to help farmers feed a growing world population while remaining good stewards of the land.