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How to Prevent Fuel Tank Problems This Winter

I know you hear this every year, but now is the time to get your fuel tank ready for winter and protect against the biggest threat—water.

While water naturally occurs in all diesel fuel, water that enters your fuel system is what causes trouble. It can come from a variety of sources, including condensation, moist air that enters your tank as you remove fuel, faulty equipment that leaks, or all the above.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to protect your fuel system and make sure you have an uneventful winter:

  1. Tilt tanks to direct water and debris away from the outlet.
  2. Pressurize your tank to help keep moist air out.
  3. Drain your tank and remove contaminants. At a minimum, do this whenever your tanks run empty, but preferably do this three times per year.
  4. Clean pump screens regularly.
  5. Allow me to pull a fuel sample and check your tank.
  6. Clean tanks annually.

Also, follow these tips for blending down your tank:

  1. If fuel in the tank is at or below its cloud point, biodiesel or cold-flow additives will stratify or not blend with the fuel. This could cause filter plugging from the additive.
  2. Make sure that the temperature of the fuel is at least 10 to 15 degrees above the cloud point.
  3. Adding 10% #1 fuel will typically lower the cloud point by 3 degrees.
  4. Note: Adding #1 fuel to a #2 fuel at or below the cloud point, or to fuel that is gelled, will not blend properly.

If you have any energy-related questions, contact me at 712-229-2880. I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your business.

Marty Lau
Certified Energy Specialist
Office: 877-753-5400
Cell: 712-229-2880

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