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Are You Going to Play Offense or Defense?

Coaches sometimes say the best defense is a good offense. I’m inclined to agree when it comes to your 2016 agronomy strategies, which should include:

  • Protecting your nitrogen. No other nutrient gets as much attention as nitrogen, for good reason. It’s the key to high yields, it can cause water quality/environmental concerns, and it’s one of the big-ticket items in your budget. That’s why I encourage you to protect your nitrogen investment with N-Serve® for anhydrous and other nitrogen stabilizers when you’re applying liquid manure. These valuable products stabilize nitrogen in the root zone, so this vital nutrient is available when your crops need it most.
  • Soil sampling. Our agronomists have been grid sampling and are ready to help you with your soil sampling needs.
  • Planning for proper fertilization. Many growers in our trade territory harvested tremendous corn and soybean yields this fall. It takes a lot of nutrients to produce those crops. It will be important to replace what was removed this year to feed your crops right and maximize your 2016 yield potential.
  • Fungicides. Do fungicides pay? Our agronomy team says yes, and so does Randy Dunn, grain department manager at First Cooperative Association (FCA). He noted that area growers were seeing 30- to 40-bushel yield advantage on corn this fall where fungicides were applied.

We’re ready to help you develop a strong agronomy offense for 2016. Talk to your FCA agronomist for more information. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you.

Mark Braunschweig 
Agronomy Manager 
Office: 877-753-5400

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