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"First in Marketing, Service, and Supplies to improve members' profitability."

That's your First Cooperative Association!

  • Sands Concrete
  • Sands Grain
  • Sands Fert
  • Tractor
  • MARA Fert
  • Fert spreader
  • AUR towers
  • AUR NH3 Plant
  • Tractor
  • Fuel Fleet
  • JD Planter


First Cooperative Association (FCA) is pleased to provide you with innovative solutions in feed, agronomy, energy, and grain. We invite you to discover how FCA is meeting its mission to be first in marketing, service, and supplies to improve member profitability, along with benefiting rural communities throughout northwest Iowa.

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FCA Making Contributions to Area Youth
FCA Making Contributions to Area Youth
Since 1997, the First Cooperative Association Scholarship Program has awarded in excess of $136,000...

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